Hey everyone! My name is Jeremiah Jordan, I am a member of the AMPt Facebook team and am here to better myself and if i can others in their mobile photography skills.  I involve myself as much as possible but am not getting to know as many people as I would like; so I am posting this as a place for all those who see it to post their *Instagram usernames* so I may check out all your profiles and expand my IG community!  Also post any Hashtags you have made that I might be able to contribute to!  I promise I will show some love to every person that comments on this with your username:)  Hopefully this will grow big enough that hundreds of people will have a reference to others' Usernames to refer to and grow each others' community!!

Quick Recap*

  Please Post Your:

         Instagram Username

         Photography Style

         Any Hashtag you have Founded


     Hello my name is Jeremiah Jordan, Username: @_btv_

     My photography style is Absract/ Urban.  

     I am a Founder of the Hashtag #illest_shots.  

     Thank you!!!

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Hey Jeremiah! Nice to meet you. My name is Andrew Hays (IG username @andrewjhays). My style is all over the board and I don't really have a definite feel to my shots; still searching for it, I guess. I haven't founded any hashtags either. I have a hard enough time remembering all the hashtags I use!

Hey there. Great topic.
I'm Elena. My IG username is @theresmiling.
I don't have any special style. I like to try many things.
I do have a hashtag: #woodswithwillow I find that IG's Willow filter works well with woods and shrubbery. I haven't yet told anyone about it, just tagged my photos. But know you heard about it. Feel free to tag your wood pictures with Willow filter #woodswithwillow.
Hi Jeremiah, good to meet you mate. My name is Gez and I Would like to get to know some more people in this great community also and pick up some tips and trick of the trade along the way, always willing to learn. My instagram name is @thegerardellis. I wouldn't say I have a style as such, it's still developing as I am relatively new to this mobile photography and instagram game but I am getting addicted!

Hey J, we already follow each other but in case anyone else want to check out my poor excuse of an ig feed.... user name is @jeremytmoore, I'm still searching for a style I guess although I like minimal edits and Ive never started a hashtag...

Hi J, I'm Paula - I have two IG accounts because I have started doing a lot of editing so I try and keep @paulabroom fairly unedited and go a bit overboard with @theoriginalmiss. I haven't started any hashtags either. Nice to meet you!

Hi everyone,

My name is Colter Pierce, my IG username is colterpierce

My style is whatever Montana hands me.

I co-founded #strikingshots with Shane Hawk (IG: shanehawkk)

Hey Jeremiah, My name is grace and I go by gmac__ on IG.

My style right now is mostly typography and I haven't started any hashtags.

hopefully, someday I will create one. 

hello jeremiah, i am renaldiahmad..but you can call me "al" for short.

  • ig username: @skinnymonkey
  • style: montage, surreal, random
  • i'm a founder of these hashtag: #juxtamafia #im_team #imt_collabseries


My name is Michelle Robinson @michmutters

My style on Instagram is mobile art by way of app-stacking and hacking of my own photos 

My style on EyeEm is straight mobile photography with no particular style

I am a person who doesn't follow back quickly because I tend to be very deliberate when I view images - I also don't tend to follow feed-flooders - it's not fair to those who only post quality. < me being frank and honest so as not to be mistaken for some kind of snob. :) 

Hi Jeremiah!  My name is Phil, I have two IG accounts @plip1978 which is a sepia only account and @hereinmyownskin which is my colour account!  My style is not decided yet, although I enjoy landscapes, urbex that sort of thing... 

Haha, I founded a hashtag ages ago which didn't take off called #magpiecounting.  You had to tag with that tag and then another representing part of the rhyme, eg #one_forsorrow, #two_forjoy, #three_foragirl, #four_foraboy etc... 

Such a great idea Jeremiah!

I'm Kristen Turick IG = @kristenturick

I best describe my style as minimal-ish. :)

I founded the tag #mostlymundane and group @mostlymundaners. For those who appreciate making beauty out of the boring. We're small and homey and welcome newcomers. I have 2 other mods and we do features M,W,F... with plans to have theme challenges and more.

Look forward to finding you all on IG!

Hello my name is Daniel Kurniawan, Username: @dnlkurniawan_gi

My photography style is street, landscape, hdr, i learn juxtaposing lately..  

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