Hey everyone! My name is Jeremiah Jordan, I am a member of the AMPt Facebook team and am here to better myself and if i can others in their mobile photography skills.  I involve myself as much as possible but am not getting to know as many people as I would like; so I am posting this as a place for all those who see it to post their *Instagram usernames* so I may check out all your profiles and expand my IG community!  Also post any Hashtags you have made that I might be able to contribute to!  I promise I will show some love to every person that comments on this with your username:)  Hopefully this will grow big enough that hundreds of people will have a reference to others' Usernames to refer to and grow each others' community!!

Quick Recap*

  Please Post Your:

         Instagram Username

         Photography Style

         Any Hashtag you have Founded


     Hello my name is Jeremiah Jordan, Username: @_btv_

     My photography style is Absract/ Urban.  

     I am a Founder of the Hashtag #illest_shots.  

     Thank you!!!

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Hello my name is Neldy G., Username: @NeldyG

I don't think I have one particular style. I just try as many things as possible or whatever idea that comes to me.

So far I've had a few series of shots. #sodagram #YULtoYYC #designfaces #sugarholicseries #biodope

Cheers and Enjoy

Hey everyone, my name is Marty Portier, Username: @martyportier

I'm still finding my style and it really depends on what i'm feeling at the time but lately more Abstract/Conceptual/minimal. Having said that, I am a currently beta testing the new app for image/photo blending and masking app for both Android and iOS called Meld (@madewithmeld) so most of my style recently have been blend/overlay/montage.

Looking forward to connecting and hopefully collaborating with other IGers.


Hi Jeremiah!

My name is Mati Sojo, i´m from Argentina and my username is @matisojo

I don´t know if i have a photography style yet, i think i´m just trying to capture fleeting moments of life.

No hashtags yet.

See you!

Hi Jeremiah. Nice to meet you. My name is Beverly Stirling and my username is @1disneyana. I am fairly new on IG and a total newbie in this community. I hope to make new friends, too, and will get more involved in time. I have no hashtags. I have been shooting 40+ years and while my true love is black and white I like to mix it up. I've shot many styles for hobby,work,gallery during my life. I wanted to support you on IG, but I can't find you so I sent you a friend request here. I will support you on this community. The AMPt family seems like a great community, but as of yet I haven't built up but several friends. Guess I will need to start osting more images.

Hello Jeremiah :) My Instagram username is chiragwakaskar 

I dont have a style as such, photography to me is about observing something interesting in daily mundanity of ordinary lives. Its on the street where your eyes really connect with the shutter, the split second to see something & capture it, your instinct, intuition & some luck which helps you capture that decisive moment, that is your own moment and the thrill of it is unparalleled to anything for me.

Hi Jeremiah and everyone else!

I'm David Rondeau and my IG name is @dbrondeau. In fact that's my username pretty much everywhere—Flickr, EyeEm, Tadaa, Twitter.

My style varies a bit. I tend to focus on everyday objects and places, with interesting lines and geometry—but I also  do some abstract, some heavy editing and compositing, straight B&W, straight minimalist shots, and some nature and flowers. 
I would say the one thing that is consistent with my work is that I always create my images in series. 

Hi everyone!!! i'm writing  too late i now :)  My name is Daniela Chidichimo IG username @chidichimoki. I admit that my photographic interests are varied.

 So still looking for my specific style. 


My name is Lexi [@lexiiikw].
I'm have difficulty coming up with the "style" of my work as it often varies depending on factors such as my mood, setting, subject, & concept. But if I could choose a word to describe them all, I do approach a lot of my work with a sense of intuition. I haven't "founded" many tags, but I do try to add #lexiiikw to any works/edits of mine. :)
Hey Jeremiah!
Nice to meet you. My name is Savad Mon (IG username @aasavad). I don't really have a specific style..Just trying out many things at the moment.

Hi Jeremiah


obsessed with portraits


Yo Jeremiah ... Great thread, thx for posting. Very cool to have a reference to other members IG accounts in effort to build relationships. You'll probably notice my AMPt images to be shades of gray / original captures ( with a few art edits ). Instagram accounts include color images. DBA: Empty Brick ( IG ~ public ) AKA: Spike Zerbo ( IG ~ private ~ AMPt members welcome ). Good Health, Good Fortune ~Z~

Hi! My name is Barbara Marincel and I am a new member. My Instagram username is gingerfancy and my style is still developing but I love photographing nature and have been told a lot of my stuff is rather dreamy--I tend to like softer tones.I still have a lot to learn!! I also use Hipstamatic quite often, and I am a huge fan of the Shutter Sisters. I am a member of #Implus and #TheNorthernCollective and a moderator of #Hipsta_Allstars

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