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AMPt has recently created an account on the Backspaces platform.  We are currently working with the developers on some different ideas to engage the community.  So my question is who uses the Backspaces app?  I would love to talk to the folks that do about developing a game plan on how to engage and bring more awareness to mobile photography.

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neat maaan! its like creating a photo essay and blogging in a same time!! just followed you frank!

Never heard of it. Do I need it in my life?

I'm with Elaine, do I need it? I've heard of it through a few igers, but not sure if its something that is required right now, would love to hear everyone's feedback on it. 

Just a different avenue to explore. I think it could be nice to do something with it and AMPt.A story book would be nice. Get Blur in it. Oh i just told you my secret....

I´ve started today, Frank. I fact, I started following you ;-)

I have it and there are amazing stories out there, I found back the people I'm already following in IG. As it is about stories, visual and written, there is much more to work on once creating. I love it although I haven't posted much yet...somehow it feels more complete than posting 'just' pictures...

Backspaces is a great avenue for those who like to tell a story with their photography.  I guess it's a way to go beyond just a photo.  I was looking for a way to share stories with my work and began using Tumblr for it.  Shortly after, I discovered Backspaces, which is now my go to app for storytelling.  There are a ton of great stories and photos to be read and seen.  The developers, the nicknamed "Backspace Boys",  seem to really care about the users and constantly thrive to make the app better and are very interactive with the users.  I don't often put my name behind apps but this one has my vote.  You can find my stories there under my username "asleepundercolumnsovlight".


Ha ha! Oh dammit. Now I gotta join... !

Yeah I have joined but I have yet to really dig into the app.   I really want to do something with the app.  Any ideas about a challenge on the app?

I have seen some really great stuff on there - just not sure I have the time to keep up with yet another outlet/community. One thing I did think was that it could be a great way for us mo-phos to share our editing processes - posting the various stages along the way to our final image along with a description of what apps we used etc etc . . . . 

As you all know, I don't think my writing is good at all to be at Backspaces. Quite frankly I think my writing SUCKS! But I love the idea. There's some amazing writers that know how to tell a story with their images and their writing.

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