AMPt Community Guidelines

AMPt Community accounts are intended for members to share original photos and video that they themselves have created. The following Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of AMPt Community. Don't forget that your use of AMPt Community  is subject to these Guidelines and our Terms of Service.

What to do

  • Do play nice.
  • We're a global community of many types of people, who all have the right to feel comfortable and who may not think what you think, believe what you believe or see what you see. So, be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members.
  • Do upload content that you've created.
  • Respect the copyright of others. This means don't steal photos or videos that other people have shared and pass them off as your own.
  • Mobile Photography/Videography/Artistry Only
  • That means the only content allowed on the site is from mobile devices made to be a phone first and a camera second.  Simple.
  • Share your strongest work.
  • It benefits the whole community when you regularly contribute to this site.  Post your strongest photos, videos and blogs.  When you upload your content, add the devices/apps you used to shoot/edit the shot in the notes section (this can also be done after you upload your post by selecting the "Options" link above your picture. Start discussions about the latest happenings in the mobile world.  AMPt will feature the best stuff.
  • Explore - Connect - Engage
  • AMPt Community is designed to be more rewarding when you know other members.  So Explore, Connect with others and make friends.  Search for other members you might know from other photo sharing social networks.
  • Get even more involved.
  • AMPt Community has a variety of roles we would like to fill such as bloggers, writers, aggregators, moderators, talent scouts, etc.  If interested please let Frank Mathews or any of the leadership know.

What not to do

Here’s the deal: We like to give second chances. However, stepping across any of the lines listed below may result in account deletion with or without warning.

  • Don’t upload anything that isn't yours.
  • This includes other people's photos, video, and/or stuff you've copied or collected from around the Internet. Accounts that consist primarily of such collections may be deleted at any time.
  • Don’t forget the children.
  • If you would hesitate to show your photos or videos to a child, your mom, or Uncle Joe, that means don’t post because your account may get deleted with or without warning if the content you post is inappropriate.
  • Don’t show nudity in your profile picture.
  • If we find that you've uploaded a profile picture that contains inappropriate content, we'll remove the profile pic and send you a warning.  If we find you doing it again, we’ll delete your account.
  • Don’t upload content that is illegal or prohibited.
  • If we find you doing that, your account will be deleted and we'll take appropriate action, which may include reporting you to the authorities.
  • Don’t vent your frustrations, rant, or bore the brains out of other members.
  • AMPt Community is not a venue for you to harass, abuse, impersonate, or intimidate others. If we receive a valid complaint about your conduct, we’ll send you a warning or delete your account.
  • Don’t be creepy.
  • You know the guy. Don't be that guy.
  • Don’t use your account to host web graphics, like logos and banners.
  • If we find you using your account to host graphic elements of web page designs, logos, icons, and other non-photographic elements on other web sites, we will warn you or delete your account.
  • Don’t use AMPt Community to sell.
  • If we find you engaging in commercial activity, we will warn you or delete your account. Some examples include selling products, services, or yourself through your photostream or in a group, using your account solely as a product catalog, or linking to commercial sites in your photostream. If you engage in commercial activity elsewhere on the internet or in the real world, you’re still welcome on AMPt Community

Here are some other things to keep in mind:

Other People (their content, their behavior)
You will see all sorts of things on AMPt Community, some of which may offend you. If you are offended by a photo or video you can either "Flag“ or if you think there's immediate cause for concern, you can report content and/or someone's behavior to an AMPt Community Admin via “message”.

Copyright Infringement
If you see photos or videos that you’ve created in another member’s photostream, don't panic. This is probably just a misunderstanding and not malicious. A good first step is to contact them via “send a message” option and politely ask them to remove it. If that doesn't work, please file a Notice of Infringement with the AMPt Copyright Team who will take it from there.
You may be tempted to post an entry on your photostream or in our public forum about what's happening, but that's not the best way to resolve a possible copyright problem. We don't encourage singling out individuals like this on AMPt Community as it could be seen as harassment which is against our guidelines.

In Conclusion
If you don't feel that you can abide by our Community Guidelines as outlined above, maybe AMPt Community  isn't for you. We’ve crafted these guidelines to ensure that everyone within AMPt community has the experience they want.
You may also want to check out our Privacy Policy. If you ever have any questions or comments, we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to drop us a line through



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