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Thank you for taking an interest in the AMPt Community. There has never been a more exciting time than right now in the world of photography. With the rise of smartphones, MOBILE photography is at the forefront of redefining our possibilities to create and share engaging and artistic images. Mobile photography is changing the way we look at the world and has reignited the creativity of thousands of people. An entire community of mobile photographers/artists have emerged on multiple photo sharing social networks. There was a time when “followers”, “likes” or “generic comments” ruled how we engaged each other. AMPt believes the stage has been set for mobile photographers to want REAL engagement and the opportunity to make a positive impact on this growing art-form. "Mobile photography is BIGGER than any one individual or popular social network. It is a MOVEMENT, and we are at the cutting edge my friends! I don't want us to just create mobile images - I want us to DEFINE the entire genre of mobile photography. With your help, the AMPt Community will do just that - DEFINE mobile photography." - Frank Mathews, founder of AMPtCommunity

AMPt Community’s goal is to become the premier resource for mobile photography/artistry... period. We are totally revamping the way to engage the mobile community, but we need your help. The BIGGEST thing you can do right now is post photos/videos, take part in discussions, start forums, share tips, post blogs and start making new friends. AMPt Community has started building a schedule of initiatives that take place regularly.

Current AMPt Community Schedule:


AMPt Community Theme Announcement (IG):
Every two weeks a community theme is announced. Members are encouraged to share their work with us via our theme gallery on INSTAGRAM using the published tag. Top images will be featured later in the week.


1-3-5 Rule:
We encourage you to take time to comment on 1 image you really love, add 3 members as friends, like 5 images that inspire you.


AMPt Chat:
Every two weeks on Thursdays at 6 PM EST (states time), we chat about mobile photography right here on amptcommunity in the main chat room for one hour. The chat continues immediately after on Twitter using the hashtag #AMPtChat. The Twitter chat is also one hour long, and includes an impromptu photo challenge.


AMPt Community Theme Highlights are published. The highlights consist of 16 images submitted to the current theme. Images for this highlight are selected by our chief image scout, Nei Cruz.


AMPt Featured Member:
Every other week an AMPt member who not only shares outstanding images with us, but is also an engaged and supportive member of our website community is featured. We will also feature them on our IG, EyeEm, Facebook and Pinterest profiles.

AMPt Community Theme Feature published. The feature consists of 4 outstanding images submitted to the current theme. They are selected by a rotating member of the AMPt ACF Team.

Access Live (as posted):
AMPt members get a chance to interact with a variety of successful mobile photographers and others within the mobile photography field. Details of any interviews will be announced beforehand.


AMPt Photo Of The Day (POTD):
One image is selected from our main gallery by a member of our Photo Of The Day team and is featured on the front page of our website. A weekly roundup of our selections is posted on our IG, EyeEm, Facebook and Pinterest profiles.

AMPt Community Essentials:

Profile: You have a customizable profile to showcase yourself and your work. Upload a profile photo and start building content with blogs, photos, discussions, links to your other sites, and more!

Photos/Videos: Upload your high quality photos/videos to your profile. They will be viewed by everyone on the main photo page as well. You can comment and like any mobile photos you see on the site. Please ENGAGE and let others know what you like about their work, you’ll be making new friends everyday!

Chat: One of the most exciting features that lets you INTERACT in real time and get to know members that are online in the “Main Room”. You can also chat privately with one or more members. The main room is where we host the bi-weekly AMPtChat as well as Access Live Interviews with top mobile photographers and developers.

Blogs: You have your own personal blog on your profile. SHARE yourself as a mobile photographer by posting blogs about anything that you’d like to share with the AMPt Community and it will seen as part of the feed on the main page!

Forum: Post discussion forums here to allow all members of the site to INTERACT and discuss the latest topics in mobile photography. There are categories to help you find forums that interest you. Join in and have your opinions heard. You've got a voice on this site and we want to hear it!

Teams: AMPt Community social media teams are responsible for the content shared on all of AMPt’s platforms. Teams will be responsible for executing the pillars of AMPt and posting features.

Community Map: AMPt is Everywhere. Easily access the many aspects of the AMPt Community on other social media platforms for a totally different experience. Links to these platforms are on the top left side of our main page.

Invite: Invite all of your mobile photographer friends to JOIN US in AMPt Community

AMPT Leadership Team:

Do you have any questions or thoughts you want to share? Let us know!

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